Viva La Sur

Welcome ? well do you feel welcomed ? id hope you do, ha ha so welcome to my blog. i generally will post things on the controversial topics if i can. Like the topic of the ” Rebel flag representing Southern Pride or Hatred.”such as i wanna talk about right now.

Southern Roots

So when it comes to the south people get real upset for NO reason. Ok yes the south did have slavery (Hey people slavery was also up north as well. why doesn’t anyone rag on the north ?) here look at this article and read about when slavery was abolished. If you don’t feel like looking well lets make this clear. Slavery was ABOLISHED in 1865, and to be technical it was passed by congress on January 31,1865 and Ratified on December 6 1865. Now this is a Con to the south, to me is one of maybe a handful but hey the WHOLE WORLD CANT BE PERFECT

Also another thing to note is the Flag also did not even represent a symbol of hate to begin with. it was a symbol that was altered by miss deeds such like others through history. Look at the swastika that Adolf Hitler used it was never a symbol of hate like its announced as, take a look at this article to see what i mean. It is the same scenario as the Rebel flag. Fun fact the Rebel flag we currently criticize was not even the correct “Rebel flag “. 

Do people ever actually try to look at the south as being more then Ruff-neck hillbilly who things like ” Inbred and Ignorant”. People from the south arnt all that bad, some, lets see i have lived in the south for 6 maybe 7 years total and i am also of have a ” “unique ethnic background “that isn’t very common down south. But going from places like Parkersburg and Sistersville West-Virginian. Keep in mind that they were apart of the south during the war.All i got while living there were humble people being so kind and generous. None of this ” constant hatred for colored people ” or “lack of common intellect “.Then i Moved down south into Kentucky, specifically Franklin-Kentucky . This town is so rich with history of southern culture and A lot of people represent the south with the rebel flag being shown high.Yet i still come back to the people being ever so kind rather then hating me for being colored. In the end I honestly support the Rebel flag so hey if you don’t like my opinion, see that small X button on the top left of your screen ? yea just click it if ya don’t mind 🙂


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