Acceptance is everything.

Being accpted, how it seems like elementary and basic idea can be so convuluted. You’d think that the very thought of just being accepted would be a easy task at hand… but not for everyone, while others seems to make it seem easier then others. Some have to strife and push all of there limits just to be somewhat accepted. A exceedingly good example is George orwell, in the story ” shooting an elephant” he  utilizes  a  varity of diction to convey , well what seems to me as a very  victimizing tone about what i assumed was his life in southern Burma. I feel like how he wrote it sort of maped out like a giant meaning to the already deep meaning behind the story.

Throughout the story of ” Shooting an elephant ” George orwell portrays a victamized tone to the already depressping story. In the story his choice of dicction paints a picture of the day to day struggle in southern burma. Given the fact that Orwell i s indeed a englishman th Natives of Burma proceed to give him a rough time by constantly jeering him and picking on him as if he is a meer child in a elementary school. It doesn’t help the matter when Orwell is also a bit racist and insensitive to the natives as well, for examply in the story it talks about of a burmes native purposfully trips him in football game and later calls the mann a s”neering yellow faced man”. Later  it seems as if Orwell woll do just about anything to hasen the appritiaion of the natives, no matter how dark and sinster the task at hand may be. Twaords the end is where i feel like it starts to show the town more, he’s a victum to the people off burma and will do anything to gain repect. Sadly that one thing to gain a little respect is to kill the peaceful elephant that went rampent through the town earlier.Even with being tasked to kill the animal he still seem him self as being a victum. He is placeed in the posstion that if he does kill the elephant , he just might gain the respect he has bin thriving to get in burma; however if he does not kill the beast  he will be hated even more and called a coward. In the end of the story it really makes you think of ones own moral guidlines whether its  a great cause to kill for your own acceptance ,or whether its best to be unaccepted and let something else live.


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